Following the ideas of Nick Mariette's first port of Classic Thesis Template to LYX, I asked André Miede, the author of the original style, to adjust his template files so that both versions could share the same style packages. The result was v3.0 of Classic Thesis Style.
LaTeX and LyX Templates can now be downloaded from
and used under GNU General Public License. That's the place where bug reports and enhancement request should go, as well.
A small PDF gallery has been compiled to show how the Classic Thesis style can be used to typeset an article, a book, or a thesis. Source code is provided with each example:
for any questions regarding the LYX port of Classic Thesis reach me at
ivo.pletikosic @ gmail.com
[manual [article [book [thesis [thesis in russian
ClassicThesis Manual Article Example Book Example Thesis Example Thesis in Russian
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